The Nigerian Army In Perspective:

The Nigerian Army In Perspective:

In one of his Tweets the former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo said that he is not trying to justify the Zaria killings but the Military should be respected. I totally agree with him, I have great respect for President Obasanjo because he is one of the few Nigerian elites that have the love of the Nigerian nation at heart.

But how can a military that turned its weapons on the citizens that it is paid to defend & protect be respected? Respect for the Nigerian Military should be earned & not imposed through terrorizing & killings of unarmed Nigerian civilians.

The #ShiaGenocide of Nigerian Shia Muslims is not the first case of brutal massacre & extra-judicial killings of innocent Nigerians by the Nigerian military. Rampant cases abound in the course of Nigerian history of these brutal massacre by the Nigerian Army But unfortunately to this day no single Nigerian soldier has ever been persecuted & punished.

It is as if the Nigerian Army has the license to kill innocent Nigerians & go scot free. And because they were not punished in the past, this gives them the confidence to perpetrate more massacres like the Zaria massacre since they know that at the end there will be no punishment.

In the past there are cases where Nigerian soldiers will attack the Nigerian Police, killed Policemen & their DPOs, & no soldier has ever been arrested or convicted. The use of excessive force by the Nigerian Army against defenseless Nigerian civilians is common knowledge to all Nigerians. Thousands of innocent Nigerians had been killed by the Nigerian Army due to the excessive use of force to suppress protest.

Every Nigerian alive today knew how #BokoHaram insurgency started. They were initially peaceful but the brutal extra-judicial killings of their leaders & members by Nigerian security forces forced them to declare war on the Nigerian nation & extract vengeance on Nigerian security forces. Thousands of Nigerian security forces had been killed by the BokoHaram thugs & Tens of thousands of innocent Nigerians had been killed.

Such impunity of the Nigerian Army should not be allowed to continue. If such impunity is not checked by the Nigerian Govt it will one day lead to multiple bloody confrontations that the Nigerian nation will never recover. The Nigerian Army should not be made & seen to be above the Law of the land. The Nigerian Army must be subjected to the Laws of Nigerian & the Nigerian Military institutions must protect & safeguard the fundamental rights of all Nigerians. The right to life is at the apex of these fundamental rights.

We hope the Zaria massacre of defenseless Shia Muslims will be the last of these massacres. Those who perpetrated that inhuman carnage must be brought to justice & that will serve as a lesson to others. The world will not respect Nigeria as a modern civilized nation if Nigerian authorities should allow the perpetrators of the Zaria massacre go scot free which is the usual practice in the past.

And Please the corrupt Northern Nigerian elites should stop inflaming tension in Northern Nigeria. There seeming gang-up against Sheikh #Zakzaky & his followers will not bring the peace & Unity needed to develop Northern Nigeria. The resolutions of the Northern Governors forum was shameful to say the least. They ignored the death of thousands of their citizens who were brutally killed by the Nigerian Army.

Leaders should Unite their people not divide them along sectarian lines. Unity bring strength to any country & society while divisions bring weakness & conflicts in nations & societies.

Harun Elbinawi


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