A Nigerian Christian opinion on the Islamic Movement of Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky

A Nigerian Christian opinion about the Islamic Movement of Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh #Zakzaky:

“If I am not a Christian with strong Revelations of Christ, I would have been a Shia Islamic Movement member. They are revolutionary and knowledge based.”

_____-Ebenezer Oyetakin

This is noteworthy to be studied. I personally came in touch with the reality being explained in this article. The Military and security forces can truly find partnership in the Shia Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

But those hegemonic Olighachists and fronts of international hegemony and oppressors of the masses want to deprive the Nigerians the benefits of the Liberty and true freedom derivable from the teachings of the Islamic Movement Nigeria. Anyone no matter how highly placed trying to compares the Islamic Movement to Boko Haram, Maitasini and
other terrorists groups for that matter is mischievous, wicked and anti-humanism.

I am beginning to think that some of the promoters of Boko Haram and oppressive and corrupt regimes in Nigeria are trying
frantically to infiltrate the Islamic Movement in order to keep creating rifts between them and security forces as to give them a bad name, while actually the intention is to deprived Nigeria of the emancipation and liberty their teachings will bring. It is both a local and international conspiracy.



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