On some Nigerian Sunnis celebrating the brutal killings of defenseless Shia Muslims by the Nigerian Army:

On some Nigerian Sunnis celebrating the brutal killings of Shia Muslims by the Nigerian Army:

I do not want to sound sectarian as our scholars have always warned us against it. They implore us to always promote Unity among Muslims. And to always promote human brotherhood with non-Muslims. Shia Muslims in Nigeria have never engaged in tribal or religious conflicts.

It is unfortunate that while most Nigerian Christians condemned the brutal attacks of Nigerian Army on Shia Muslims, some Sunnis celebrate. These are the Sunnis that are poisoned by Wahhabism. They are celebrating d killings of women & children, celebrating the murder of civilians by the Nigerian Army. These Wahhabi-contaminated Sunnis are sad that millions of Sunnis in Nigeria choose to become Shia Muslims & they blame His Eminence Sheikh Ibrahim #Zakzaky.

When Wahhabism had contaminated Sunni Islam & infiltrated it with hate & terrorism, how can it be attractive to minds who cherish love, mercy & compassion? Murderous terrorist Groups such as #ISIS, #AlQaeda, #BokoHaram etc are all products of Wahhabi contamination of Sunni Islam.

Islam promote love, mercy & compassion but Wahhabi contamination of Sunni Islam rejected all these. They only promote hate & terrorism. This is the main reason why Shia Islam is more attractive to Muslims today. It is not just in Nigeria, it is a Global phenomenon.

Those Sunni Muslims who rejected Wahhabi contamination still posses those qualities of love, mercy & compassion. And that is the Islam sent to Muhammad al-Mustapha (sa). If Islam is all about hate & terrorism as Wahhabism is presenting today, Islam will never have established a Great civilization in the past that is celebrated to this day.


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