Why they targeted Sheikh #Zakzaky?

Why they targeted Sheikh #Zakzaky:

There are both external & internal factors on why the present Nigerian government of President Buhari is targeting Sheikh #Zakzaky.

Externally there is the factor of Western imperialism & Global Zionism. These two make up what is referred to as “New World Order”. They comprises the most powerful nations on earth, they wish to control all nations & their resources.

Nigeria is is a big country that has the largest population on the African continent. Nigeria has all the potentials to be among world powers unfortunately bad leadership & wanton corruption has stalled Nigerian development & progress.

These Imperialists wanted to control everything in a nation they considered will rise one day. Sheikh #Zakzaky has a strong anti-imperialism credentials & has consistently expose their evil agendas in Nigeria & beyond. This is his first ‘sin’.

His second ‘sin’ is the exponential increase of his followers that transcend the boundaries of Nigeria. This is frightening to them since they projected that this will threatened their vested interest in future so it is better to kill him, kill the leading lights of his Movement & disperse his followers. After dispersing them they will infiltrate them, divide them in to factions & diminish their influence.

The next ‘sin’ of Sheikh #Zakzaky is his Pro-Palestine activities. Western imperialism wishes that all talk of Palestine be silenced, they wished that people forget about Palestine & remember the Israeli entity that they created. Sheikh #Zakzaky is passionate about the Palestinian cause & if we remember three (3) of his sons were killed last year by the Nigerian Army in a Pro-Palestine rally in Zaria.

Another issue we should consider there is an Imperialists agenda on Nigerian that wish to create major crisis in Nigeria to break up Nigeria in to smaller components that will be at war with each other. This is why #BokoHaram was sponsored but unfortunately for these Imperialists Nigerians are now wiser as to who are the true sponsors of the BokoHaram insurgency. Nigerian Christians no more accuse Muslims of being behind BokoHaram & trust has returned among Nigerians. With the attack on Sheikh #Zakzaky who has a dedicated large following, the Imperialists want to trigger another crisis that will dislocate the Nigerian State.

Another issue is that Western imperialism considered Iran as a big threat to their imperialist agenda in the Islamic world. It is a standard policy to them to target all pro-Iranian groups. It is either they target them directly or they target them indirectly using the host governments who are their puppets.

Then we now consider internal factors. The first issue is sectarianism promoted by the Saudi Arabian government. This sectarianism is also promoted in all countries that have Sunni & Shia communities. Countries such as Syria, Iraq & Yemen are today under various degrees of destruction with hundreds of thousands killed. We must understand that this Saudi- sponsored sectarianism is fully supported & backed by Western imperialism.

Wahhabism is widespread in northern Nigeria & some of this Wahhabis are in the military & other positions of authority. Shiaphobia is a cardinal ingredient of Wahhabism.

Another factor to consider is the powerful & well organized pro-#Israeli lobby in Nigeria. The former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan is a Christian-Zionist who aided the Israeli infiltration in Nigeria especially in the Nigerian Military & other security agencies.

The pro-Saudi & pro-Israeli factions in Nigeria are united in their hatred against Sheikh #Zakzaky & his Movement. They considered him a huge threat to their vested interest in Nigeria.

As a blogger & a writer my advice to His Eminence, Sheikh Ibrahim #Zakzaky & his Movement is that they should be patient on every trial & tribulations that will come their way. They must maintain their legendary peaceful posture & must not allow these dogs of imperialism to provoke them. History is on their side & to their advantage. They seek the minds of people not through force but through reasoning & persuasion.

May God grant victory to all those who thread the path of Truth!

Harun Elbinawi
On Twitter:@Elbinawi

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