A Personal Experience

In 1987 I was a teenager & very young, Gen. IBB had arrested Sheikh #Zakzaky in 1986. Our brother from Southern Nigeria the late Hakim Sunni Kunle informed us that Gen. IBB planned to poison Sheikh #Zakzaky in Port Harcourt prison.

We waylaid the them Nigerian Head of State at the Sultan Bello Mosque in Kaduna on a Friday prayers. After he came out from the Mosque, some brothers & I approached him & we got close one of us declared:”You will never succeed in killing Sheikh Zakzaky”. The security around Gen. IBB readied their weapons. He looked at us & smiled. And he left.

When he retired to Abuja, he heard that the them Governor of Kaduna State had arrested us. He immediately ordered that we should be released.

If Gen. IBB had ordered opened fire & killed us then, my friends & I will not be alive today. Today all of us are the bread winners of our extended families. If such thing should have occurred today we will have a more matured way to address it.

Most of those that the Nigerian Army killed in Zaria were young Nigerians. Even if they obstruct the path of the Army Chief, killing them was extremely cruel & wicked. They are human, Nigerians & Muslims who one day will become matured & shoulder responsibilities that will help develop their minds.

But President Buhari & his Army Chief Buratai choose to mercilessly killed them because the are “Shia Muslims”. If it was another religious group that was there on that day, the Nigerian Army will not attack them.
We leave you to God, The Ultimate Judge!


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