What happened yesterday in Zaria, Nigeria:

What happened yesterday in Zaria, #Nigeria:

What happened yesterday in Zaria, Nigeria, was not a clash between Nigerian Military & Shia Muslims. It was a massacre by well-armed Nigerian soldiers of unarmed civilians.

Shia Muslims gathered at Husseiniyah (Islamic center) in Zaria to hoist the flag that Herald the month that the Messenger of God (sa) was born. Nobody knows that the Chief of Army Staff will follow that route & past in front of Husseiniyah. He & his convoy passed successfully. After the COAS had passed, armed Nigerian soldiers surrounded the Husseiniyah & opened fire on innocent civilians.

They killed dozens & injured many. They kidnapped many including women. Why should soldiers used live ammo on civilians? Nigerian soldiers are paid to protect all Nigerians, why did they massacred innocent #Nigerians In Zaria yesterday?

Is there any agenda of #ShiaGenocide by the Nigerian Military in #Nigeria? Who is behind this agenda of ShiaGenocide? Nigerian Shia Muslims are peace loving citizens of this country & it is on record that they always conducted their programs & activities peacefully.

The same Nigerian Army last year killed 34 Shia Muslims on a yearly peaceful Pro-Palestinian rally in Zaria. Among the Martyrs were 3 biological undergraduate sons of Sheikh #Zakzaky. Most of them were tortured to death by Nigerian soldiers.

To this day nobody was arrested for that massacre. The former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan called Sheikh Zakzaky & apologized. But apology is not justice. Apology will not bring back lost lives. Apology will not forestall future occurrence.

For peace & security the Nigerian government must be fair & just to all the components parts that constitute the Nigerian State. It is gross injustice that bloodthirsty soldiers will continue to kill innocent Nigerians & get away with it. Every Nigerian has the right to life & it is the duty of the Nigerian government to protect the lives of all its citizens.


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