After Arbaeen, What next?

After #Arbaeen:

“They told me that my love for #ImamHussain left Faith in division. I told them without this love there will be no religion.”

The yearly commemoration & mourning period of the eternal Heroes of Truth & Justice, Imam Hussein (as), the Knights of Banu Hashim & their companions, has come & gone.

The question to ask is what next?

We must understand that the Husseini message is not seasonal, his message is eternal & for all humanity. The flag of Imam Hussein (as) should not be lowered at the end of Arbaeen, the flag should be kept flying by the extension of the Husseini message.

And the cursed Yazid is not dead, Yazid is alive today and the best manifestation of Yazid today is the President of the United States of #America. Most evil in the world today you will find the leprous hands of the United States & it’s allies.

They Invaded nations just to plant puppets as leaders who will facilitate their plundering of that nations resources. They recruit, train & armed murderous terrorists who slaughter innocent people. They instil corrupt leaders in places such as #Africa to loot their country’s resources & send such looted funds to western financial institutions.

Our duty is to keep the message of Imam Hussain (as) alive & to continue what was started by Sayyeda Zaynab (as).


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