The rantings of Trump, Abbott & their likes against Islam and Muslims

The utterances of Western leaders such as the Ex-Australia PM Abbott who recently said that West should ‘proclaim superiority over #Islam’ and the #Trump guy from US who recently shocked humanity when he said that ‘Muslims should be banned from entering US’, should not be considered as isolated cases of political pretenders.

It is important that we understand that these political leaders represent a large section of the West political establishment for which their hostilities towards Islam and Muslims is so glaring for all to see.

For the past 300 years Western powers have implemented an organized & coordinated campaign of infiltration, sabotage, division, balkanization, blackmail, terrorism, war, invasion & tarnishing the image of Islam just to ‘prove it’s superiority over Islam’.

Among all the existing civilizations of the past, Western civilization had either assimilated them completely or almost assimilated them. Only Islam has the West failed to assimilate & they tried everything. Today majority of Muslims still preserve their values & way of life, & there is a boost to that recently with the present Islamic Awakening.

So what these Trump & Abbott guys are parroting is just the frustration by the West to assimilate Muslims & dilute Islam to assimilate Western values & standards. The West wished that Islam be ‘reformed’ to accommodate their perversions that they called ‘modern realities’ or ‘modernization’ while Muslim scholars, leaders & intellectuals do not want to hear anything about that.

We hope Western youths & audience will abandon this policy of assimilating Islam & diluting it’s message. The West should understand that Islam is an independent civilization that have its history, norms, values and standards. What is needed is not arrogancy & superiority complex, what is needed is constructive engagement to understand each others values & standards, & how to coexist in peace & security.


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