Struggle against tyranny, oppression and injustice has no time frame

After the conclusion of the #IranDeal negotiations, a group of Iranian students came to the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali #Khamenei and asked him that with the impending lifting of sanctions against #Iran, will that herald the end of hostilities against Western imperialism especially the US regime?

Ayatollah Khamenei answered them that struggle against Global arrogance is a Quranic injection that has no time frame. As long as tyranny, oppression & injustice exist in any part of the world them opposition to them is an obligation.

Debilitating Western sanctions against Iran is not the only injustice that Western powers are committing today. In fact the biggest injustice today is the ongoing genocide of oppressed #Palestinians by the #Israeli regime that is backed by Western powers.

And Western imperialism have tentacles in various regions of the world. In #Africa they connived with the corrupt African political elites to loot the rich resources of the African continent to impoverished the already poor African masses.

These corrupt African political elites loot their public treasury & deposited those looted funds in Western financial institutions or buy choices properties in London, Paris, Geneva, Berlin etc where they are heavily taxes. My country, #Nigeria, is a good example of this. When you go to London and Dubai the Nigerian elites are the most extravagant in the world because most of them did not work to get the money, they looted those funds from the public treasury. These are funds earmarked for developmental purposes but they were stolen by a corrupt cabal allied to the West.

Today Africans are poor not because the African continent lacked resources but because Africans are denied the benefit of their own resources by Western imperialism by the use of their African proxies.


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