Who Is Erdogan Of Turkey?

Who is #Erdogan?

Someone might say Erdogan is the President of #Turkey. But that is only a superficial definition of the man Erdogan.

Erdogan is an important tool of the New World Order to destabilize the Islamic world under the guise of a sectarian agenda of protecting Sunni Muslims.

Today the biggest injustice is found in #Palestine where bloodthirsty Zionist killers slaughter defenseless #Palestinians daily for the past 67 years. Erdogan has never given the oppressed Palestinians a single bullet to defend themselves against these barbaric Zionist savages who a supported & backed by the West.

Yet Erdogan & other Arab despots armed & fund terrorists in #Iraq & #Syria under the guise of sectarian agenda.

Western imperialism & Global Zionism that make up the New World Order wish that Muslims remains divided & the important issue of occupied Palestine forgotten. To achieve these two goals they light the fire of war & conflicts in the Islamic world to widen the Gulf among Muslims by making them enemies of each other.

To realize these goals they needed traitors who outwardly claim to be Muslim leaders but in reality they are their agents. It is in this light that we view Erdogan, King Salman of Saudi Arabia & the Qatari despots.

It is important that we understand that Sunnis are not enemies of Shias & Shias are not enemies of Sunnis. Both Sunnis & Shias are brothers from the same house of Islam. The enemies of both Shias & Sunnis are America, Israel & other Western powers who create, nurture armed & fund murderous terrorists in Muslim countries to serve their evil agenda.

Sadly, Today Muslims have forgotten about Palestine & it’s people. Muslims are more concern with hating & killing each other than to think of liberating Palestine. This has given the wicked Zionist Occupiers to be more brutal in dealing with Palestinian resistance to that inhuman occupation.



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