Western hypocrisy on Free Speech

Twitter suspended some accounts for Tweeting & re-Tweeting the second Letter of Ayatollah #Khamenei to the youths of Europe and North America.

The question to ask here is why? We were told that freedom of speech is an integral ingredient of the West. We were told that all people are free to speak their minds on all issues. We were told that nobody will be harassed for airing his/her opinion.

We were told all these but the practical reality is different. The mainstream media of the West had ignored that historic Letter that is directed to its youths. Efforts are made by volunteers to extend this historic Letter to its intended targets through the social media platforms but unfortunately obstacles are being placed.

This recent incident is not an isolated one as lots of accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook had targeted pro-Iranian accounts by constantly harassing them & finally blocking & disabling those accounts.

The question is why is the West afraid of its youth discovering the Truth of its damaging evil Imperialists policies that had destroyed & disfigured many nations in various regions of the world.

We hope these social media platforms will become forums where Muslim youths will interact with youths of the West to proffer solutions to our #commonworry.



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