Venezuelan update:

Venezuelan update:

The recently concluded Venezuelan parliamentary elections saw a big defeat to the ruling socialist party of late President Hugo Chavez.

The result marked the first time in 16
years that supporters of the late president Hugo Chávez had lost its
majority in the 167-seat unicameral
national assembly. The socialist won just 46 seats while the Western-backed opposition won 99 atleast seats.

Seventeen years ago commander Hugo Chavez steered Venezuela from the deep pit of Western imperialist domination to the path of Bolivarian Revolution that saw the cutting-off of the filthy hands of the West from the rich Oil resources of Venezuela.

The London Economist confessed that the Pro-Poor policies of Hugo Chavez succeeded in bring 40% of Venezuelans out of “extreme poverty”. He built houses for the poor, improved the country’s educational system by making it compulsory & free. When he died the world oppressed mourned him.

Present President Nicolas Maduro took over. Sadly, he is not a popular mobilizer like Hugo Chavez who kept the greedy Western Imperialists at bay. He also do not have the charismatic qualities of the great Chavez.

America & the CIA did not leave Venezuela alone, they infiltrated the country & the result we saw today is partly due to the success of that CIA-led covert operations. The falling Oil prices which is the chief foreign exchange earner of the country did not help the cause of President Nicolas Maduro.

Most People only know their stomach & they are carried away by the Western-backed opposition who promised them Heaven-and-Earth investments from the West. The same West that looted & raped Venezuela blind & plunged it’s populace into extreme poverty.

The election defeat of the Venezuelan socialists will definitely be a sad news to other emerging anti-imperialism nations of Latin America & Revolutionary Iran that have close relations with the Venezuelan government.


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