Full Message Of Imam Khamenei On The Martyrdom Of Gen. Hussein Hamedani In Syria

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the 12107133_938246952914906_1762486938916490928_n.pngMerciful

I would like to express my congratulations and

condolences on the occasion of the martyrdom

of our glorious Sardar- Shahid Hussein

Hamedani- to his honorable family, his friends,

his comrades and the august Islamic Revolution Guards Corps.

This veteran, sincere and diligent warrior spent

his pure and pious youth defending his Islamic

homeland and the Islamic republic in the front

lines of honor and dignity. He spent the last

stage of his blessed life and enlightened

countenance defending the sanctuary of the

Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) and confronting savage takfiris

and anti-Islam. He fulfilled his dream which was to lay down his life – in that same glorious front line – while engaging in jihad in the way of God.

May he rejoice in divine blessings and mercy.

The formidable line of those who aspire to

achieve this blessing and the path of jihad and

martyrdom in Islamic Iran, in the Islamic

Revolution Guards Corps and in the entire Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic- is a long and firm line: “Of them some have completed their vow and some still wait, but they have never changed in the least” [The Holy Quran, 33: 23].

God’s mercy be upon Shahid Hamedani and upon all the mujahids of the path of truth.

Sayyid Ali Khamenei


One thought on “Full Message Of Imam Khamenei On The Martyrdom Of Gen. Hussein Hamedani In Syria

  1. I give my sincere condolences! May God bless him ! ALLAH IR7MOO..Long live the mighty resistance ! May God guide them and give them strength during these times ..


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