A Satan called “The House Of Saud”

The day Sunni Muslims decoupled themselves from the Wahhabi cult & start thinking of America & Western imperialism as enemies, that day they will have direction to work for the overall interest of #Islam & #Muslims.

If they continue to follow the leadership of the traitorous House of Saud, they will always discover themselves in the pocket of Western imperialism. The House of Saud was recruited for that purpose by the West & are the biggest & most efficient tool of the West in the #Islamic world….

American-led Western imperialism do not like Sunnis neither do they like Shias, their goal always is to subjugate & dominate Muslims, & the House of Saud is facilitating this their agenda.

The House of Saud widen the gulf between Muslims, light the fire of wars & destructions in Muslim countries through its “Jihadist” terrorist networks, have American based on its land, promote & propagate the Wahhabi poison that inspired all Takfiri terrorists killing the innocent in the name of Islam & preventing meaningful growth & development in Muslim countries due wars & terrorism.

Sadly, the Hajj in the past that is safe is now no more safe all thanks to the incompetency & irresponsible actions of the House of Saud. imageAs long as the House of Saud is in position to lay claim to the leadership of the Sunni world, Muslim countries will remain plague in wars, destructions & murderous Takfiri terrorism.


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