How some Iranian officials got it wrong of relation with the West


Some gullible Iranian officials think that the #West will change its behavior towards it after the signing of the nuclear deal between #Iran & world powers. They think that the West will change & become less evil in its relations to others, they think that that the West will accept them & at the same time maintaining their freedom & independence.image

The West has remained the same for the past 500 years;it has remain the same of invading other countries, plundering their resources & killing all those that opposed it. The West has never change its imperialist & colonialist policies, why should the West change now just because of Iran?

If they want the West to accept them then they must be ready to abandon the freedom & independence that million of Iranian Martyrs paid for with their blood, that is the only way the arrogant West will accept them. They have to chose, they can not eat their cake & have it at the same time.

What the West has changed in relation to Iran is tactics since it sees for mor than 30+ years it has failed to bring Iran to its knees. Then the West decide to offer Iran an olive tree so that if the Iranian leadership drop its guard it will infiltrate Iran, divide its leadership & people then re-colonize it.

This is the dream of the West for regime-change in Iran….Such Iranian leaders in the Rouhani camp who naively thinks that the West will change should abandon their illusion & follow the directives of #ImamKhamenei. That is the only way that the freedom & independence of Iran can be protected from the greedy & capitalist West.

The West never change, only the tactics change but the objectives of invasion, looting, plundering, occupation, genocide & domination remain the same…..


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