The Wolves Surrounding The Syrian Nation

Since 2011 Syria is plague by a murderous bloodletting that has killed more than a quarter-of-a-million Syrians, injured more than a million & displaced more than half of the entire population. Western governments, Western mainstream media & their regional puppets will want us to believe that is is a “revolution” & the quest for Syrians to seek greater political participation & freedom but in reality what is happening in Syria is a Zio-Western agenda orchestrated to instal a Western puppet in Damascus to realize the evil agenda of burying the Palestinian cause.

The following are the six (6) notorious Wolves surrounding & united in the ongoing destruction of Syria:

  1. Western Imperialism:

Syria is outside their sphere of influence unlike most Arab nations. These nations of the West were the creators of Zionism in Palestine, they are its nourishers and they insured its ignoble existence. Nations such as the US, UK, France, Germany,bCanada etc are active constituents of this Western axis.

Their primary concern is the security of the Zionist regime and to ensure the total surrender of the Arabs in relation to the Palestinian question. Among the nations bordering occupied Palestine,the Egyptians and the Jordanians had already surrendered,what remained are Syria and Lebanon.nThe Hezbullah factor in Lebanon is the obstacle for the surrender of that country and the Assad regime in Syria is the obstacle for the surrender of that country.

These countries provides weapons, trainings, money, intelligence information and political support to the terrorist fighting in Syria. They also encapsulate the heinous crimes & atrocities of their sponsored-thugs in Syria by blaming everything on the Syrian government that is trying to protect its people. These are the countries that recruited & created ISIS & trained the first batch of its fighters in Jordan in 2012.

2) Zionism In Palestine (Israel)

What forced the Zionist withdrawal from South Lebanon and Gaza was the Resistance axis that included Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Palestinian resistance groups. Without these Resistance the criminal Zionist entity will still be occupying those places. Syria is the ‘bridge’ of this Resistance axis and ‘Israel’ will be most happy if this bridge is broken and destroyed.

That is why it renders all sort of support to the armed-terrorist in Syria. A weak and balkanised Syria is in the interest of the Zionist regime occupying Syria. And inversely this is detrimental to the Palestinian cause. Sadly enough we see Palestinian fighters siding with the armed-terrorist in Syria thus weakening the Palestinian cause.

3) Sectarianism:

You can call them Wahhabi or Salafist or Takfirist, they are one and the same in origin, content and substance. They hide behind Sunnism to deceive the adherents of the Sunni majority despite the fact that they considered Sunnis to be infidels or heretics.

Their home is Saudi Arabia and the official Wahhabi Clergies in that country are their spiritual masters. They follow a narrow and deviant interpretation of Islam and politically they follow the British Empire that created Saudi Arabia and after the decline of the British Empire, the leaders of Saudi Arabia are American puppets.

The countries of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and other Gulf states provides money, weapons and mobilized al-Qaida terrorist fighters across the world to Syria.

4) Erdogan Treachery:

I deliberately didn’t use ‘Turkish’ because a large section of the Turkish society are against the treachery of Erdogan. Before the Israeli attack on the Turkish aid ship to Gaza, Turkey and Israel been American close allies were best of friends. Erdogan been a faithful servant of American imperialism serves that cause in Syria.

Turkey is the polar axis of all these aggression against the Syrian nation. Turkey offers bases for training, all weapons are channeled through Turkey to the terrorist.

5) Mercenaries And Professional Killers:

Since the petro-dollars nations are actively involved, there are lots of money in circulation. There are agents that recruits these mercenaries and we hear in Yemen of a family been given as much as 20,000 USD to release a fighter. Prisoners on death row were released and trained and send to Syria to fight by Saudi Arabia. These mercenaries are paid to fight in Syria and they come and go as the payment progresses. Some of them are retired military personnel from other nations across the world.

6) Western Puppets:

These includes countries such as Jordan and most countries of the Arab world. These are the countries that gave the sit of the Syrian government to the armed-terrorist in the Arab League.bThey are semi-independed nations since their rulers are lackeys of Western imperialist nations. They take orders from Washington, London and Paris on what to do and not to do.

They mostly provides political support to the armed-terrorist though we see in recent months Jordan is increasingly become a base where these terrorist are been trained.

These are the six(6) wolves surrounding the Syrian nation today that cause the embarrassing refugee crisis that the world &image Europe is facing today.

Harun Elbinawi

On Twitter @Elbinawi


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