imageThe Arabs says
‘No Warrior except Ali
And no Sword except Dhul-Fiqar’
Dhul-Fiqar undoubtedly
The most famous Sword in Islam

There was an Ali’s follower
Mugniyya Imad
A great Commander
The Chinese will say Hero Imad
And the Indians will say Imad the brave

He cleansed Lubnan
And Palestine
Of Imperialist filth and the Zionist
Their hunting Dogs became death bodies
And the remaining fled

Dignity, Honor and Victory
He brought for Islam
On the day of his martyrdom
The then US President Bush said
‘The world was a better place without Mugniyyah’
And our Marhum Fadlullah answered
‘The world will be a better place without the White House’

His mother was a Zaynabite
All her three Sons were martyred
And she wishes she had a fourth
Allah’s mercy,blessing
Upon this mother

News of his martyrdom reached me
Tears, tears and tears
But true hero never dies
In our memory he lives forever
He lives the life of Ali and died the death of Husain

Allah’s enemies rejoiced at his death
Thought their objectives achievable after him
But how can that be
When followers of Husain exist
At the theatre of battle against Allah’s enemies

The Husaini School
A School based on martyrdom and justice
A School that says ‘NO’ to oppression, tyranny and occupation
A School that frees man from all servitude except servitude to Allah
A School that transcends the narrowness of this world

Imad is victorious in this School
A School that enters the vastness of the Hereafter
And wherein Allah’ Servants belong
In the proximity of their Lord
The One and only True Lord.

Peace be upon Muhammad[s], his Immaculate Progeny and his chosen Companions.


This is a revised edition of the same title in honour of Commander Imad Mugniyyah [Haj Ridwam] written by me some years ago. Our Scholars said all information’s about him are classified but he was a pillar of Islam. If you Google-ed his name you will find information’s about him from the Western perspective and some of which are incorrect. We must celebrate this Warrior of Allah.


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