On Nigerian President Buhari asset declaration

Recently Nigerian President Muhammad Buhari declared his assets & the world was shocked that he has only $150,000 as savings, the world was shock due to the endemic corruption of African leaders of which Nigerian leaders are the most worst. Nigerian masses especially the oppressed masses of Northern Nigeria are well aware of the Spartan life of President Buhari & that is why no Nigerian politician living has the massive vote value that he has.

In Nigeria some people vote for candidates for money but in the case of President Buhari people vote for him for his integrity. And no Nigerian politician held the sensitive positions that he held, he was a Petroleum Minister, a Governor of the entire North-East, a Head of State & the chairman of a lucrative petroleum TrustFund. Despite all these positions that he held he chose the part of honor, a path that is alien to corrupt Nigerian political elite.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Nigeria has the most corrupt political elites in the world & elites of Northern Nigeria are the most worst & that why today the North is backward & it is a sea of poverty, illiteracy, rampant unemployment & having the highest number of children-out-of-school in the world. A typical Nigerian political elite do not see stealing of public funds as corruption, incidentally the corrupt former President Goodluck Jonathan highlighted this when he publicly said “stealing is not corruption”.

The Nigerian political elite sees governance as a medium to steal public funds & become rich to buy expensive cars, build mansions around the world & go on expensive holidays at the expense of the Nigerian masses who are deprive of good roads, good hospitals, good schools for their children & security of their lives & properties.

And one unfortunate manifestation of the oppressed Nigerian masses is that they abhor the petty thief to the extend that they lynch them to death but they celebrate the corporate thieves who have stolen from the public treasury. This warped mentality must change if the fight against corruption is to succeed in Nigeria. In most cases petty thieves steal out of hunger & even in islamic law no punishment is slated for them while the corrupt Nigerian political elites steal out of greed & wickedness. The corrupt Nigerian elites are not ashame to steal from the public treasury, if given the opportunity one hundred times they will steal one hundred times. They are worst than the #BokoHaram terrorists as the terrorists swiftly kill their victims while these corrupt Nigerian political elites kill their victims slowly by torturing them to death through suffering.

Finally, a political elite like president Buhari is a model to all those who aspire to hold public positions. He is a living testimony that it pays to be honest & to live by honest means despit many temptations. Nigerians should give this man all the support he needs to ride nigeria of the scotch of corruption, stealing of public funds & bad governance.

Harun Elbinawi
On Twitter @Elbinawiimage


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