Re:Syria:Israel, only reason Assad still survives

When I read through the above named article by Malam Bala Muhammad as appeared in Weekly Trust of 8-9-2012, I concluded that the presentation was flawed, contradictory and not based entirely on facts. His introductory declaration of American opposition to anything Islamic is a known fact. And this opposition will be more intense when its borders Israel because America though a great nation is enslaved by International Zionism and the security of Israel is more important to the American leadership than the security of the American itself.

The reason the writer gives for what he claimed ‘lack of robust western intervention’ in Syria is not correct. The Libyan scenario cannot be played out in Syria for the following reasons: –
– Syria is part of the resistance axis that includes Iran, Hezbullah and Hamas. Syria has a mutual pact agreement with Iran which will result in a wider conflict in the region if its attack.
– Syria is military more powerful than Libya and so it will not be an easy target by the west. The west throughout its history of imperialism had always avoided difficult and unpredictable targets as the public opinion at home is highly conscious of high casualties.
– Syria borders Israel – a western creation and implant in the heart of the Islamic world – any attack by the west on Syria will invariably involves Israel and with the experience Israel had during its 2006 war with Hezbullah, it will not be and easy adventure.
– Syria is a long time close ally of Russia dating back to the defunct Soviet Union. Russia has a Naval Based in a Syrian mediterrian port. To say that ‘America and its allies are not afraid of Russia and Chinese opposition to any frontal intervention’ is an understatement. Military Russia is the country in the world that comes close to American military capability. And China is the economic superpower of the world today and with its rising strength its interest cannot be ignored.
– The declined of the West is another reason for lack of direct Western intervention in Syria. Economically, the West is struggling and to involve itself in a brutal and unpredictable war will be suicidal. Though there are funds from the puppet Arab petrol-dollar, but the West is too weak to direct in Syria.

I am a regular reader of the writer’s column; I am surprised by the writer’s condemnation of the late Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein. When Saddam lunched his ‘mother of all battle’ this writer was one of his most ardent supporters. To now make a u-turn and condemn him shows a lack of principle and consistent ideology. The writer’s assertion that Ba’ath Arab party is anti-Western is not entirely true. The Ba’ath Arab party of Iraq under the leadership of Saddam Hussein had been a Western crony since its inception and only became anti-Western on the day Saddam choose to invade Kuwait.

May be the only credit the writer gave to Assad was when he declared ‘that Assad is intrinsically oppose to Israel’. He also mentioned Assad’s hosting of various radical Palestinian groups and the so-called Israel Boycott Office (an Arab undertaking to ensure Israel is economically boycotted).

I must give credit to the writer for his refusal to be drawn into the usual, Sunni versus Shia divide. This is a Western hegemonic agenda to widen the gulf between Muslim so as to weaken them. And as I noticed the writer avoided criticizing Iran directly and only came close when he claimed that the only reason why Iran is supporting Assad is because the later is a Shia. This is far from the truth; Iran is the strongest pillar of resistance against Zionist-Israel in the world today. Iran only supported Assad due to Assad’s commitment and stand against Israel Assad had rendered valuable services to the resistances against the occupation of Palestine. Some of these services are as follows: –
– All missiles and rockets fired against Israel in the last 10 years originated from Syria. Iran’s ascendancy to a missile power started in Syria when in 1986, Iran sent 13 Revolutionary Guards to Syria for missile ballistic training. This group includes the father of Iran’s missile technology, the late Brigadier-General Tehrani. Today Iran is among the top-five countries of the world in missile technology.
– Despite all Western entries, Assad had refused to recognize and compromise with Israel. He has been constantly at war with the Zionist entity. He blatantly rejected the Egyptian-type treaty of surrender and shame.
– Among all Arab rulers, he is the only one that had never betrayed Palestine both overtly and covertly.

What unite Iran and Syria is not Shiism as the writer insinuated but what united them is enmity against Israel in its occupation of Palestine. Assad is the only reliable ally Iran had in the Arab world in its struggle against Israel. Iran is not blinded by sectarianism like the Saudi leaders.

imageThe writer claimed that the Syrian opposition is Islamic is faulty. If the Syrian opposition is truly Islamic as the writer claimed, it will not have the support it enjoys now of western powers, Israel and Arab reactionary regime. This axis of evil has no enemy greater than the true Islamic expression. True Islamic manifestation is the greatest treat to the interest and neo-colonialism of these arrogant hegemonic powers and their hirelings. There might not be direct Western intervention in Syria as at now, but the Western powers and Israel are doing everything within their powers to bring down the Assad regime. They provide valuable intelligence, weapons and advance communication equipments and training and logistics. The financial funds are provided by puppet Arab leaders and Turkey provides the bases and coordinates all activities.

A true Islamic state that the writer aspires will never be mid-wife by these CIA – trained fighters. A true Islamic movement, as the Iranian experience had shown, must be pure and un-adultered by evil forces and must be led by competent Islamic scholars. The leadership of the Free Syrian Army is a Western-creation and a Western-puppet that can only implement the hegemonic agenda of these powers. The ultimate goal is to replace the anti-Zionist regime of Bashar Al-Assad with a regime that is favourable to the West and that will surrender to Israel.

The conclusion of the writer that ‘Assad had reached the end of the road’ might be far from the truth. The reality on the ground is different. We should not be carried away by Western media propaganda that will make one to feel as if Assad is to be overthrown tomorrow. The Syrian conflict can only be resolve through dialogue and reform. Syrians must sit down and settle their differences devoid of foreign interference.

Harun Elbinawi.


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