Re:Iranian-backed terrorists work to destabilize African

The former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan who was a Zionist hireling handed over the security of Nigeria to the Israeli regime, the resultant effect of that faulty decision was that BokoHaram insurgency exponentially developed from village thugs to regional terrorist monster that threatened the whole of the West African sub-region. This is the legacy of the Israeli regime in Nigeria which is the most populated Black nation in Africa & the world.image

When I read the above named article by one Sean Durns who claimed to be the media assistant for CAMERA—the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America which is a known Israeli front in America, I concluded that the Israeli regime is trying to warm itself to the new Nigerian government of President Muhammad Buhari. It is a known fact in Nigeria that Israeli agents posing as arms contractors made billions of dollars in Nigeria from the bogus arms contracts of the former President Jonathan’s administration. With the coming of the present administration the Israeli regime will like to regain the fat cow it lost & the best way to start that is be sponsoring fake write-ups like this to gain the confidence of the Buhari administration to further its evil agenda in Nigeria.

It is laughable when Sean Durns quoted an unknown “analyst” named Giorgis who is an “an African security issues specialist and former visiting fellow at the Washington, DC-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies think tank” noting the presence of a “Hezbollah doppelganger.” This “analyst” claimed that “the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) has ‘considerable support’ among the five million Shi’ites residing in the country, according to a CNN report in 2013. IMN chief Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky has called for building African support for Iran. Often, Zakzaky displays a portrait of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei behind him when he gives radical and frequently anti-Semitic sermons. IMN members reportedly have infiltrated the Nigerian state security establishment, while receiving Iranian arms and funds used to train hundreds in northern Nigeria.”

It is a fact that this “analyst” that this writer quoted has never visited Nigeria & have no knowledge of Nigerian history but the world is a witness to the peaceful activities of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. The same lies that these Israeli agents masquerading as “journalists” was the same lies that the Israeli hireling feed to the government of the former Nigerian President Jonathan. The Jonathan administration went on the false goose chase looking for weapon cache that never existed. Last year during the yearly nation-wide pro-Palestinian Al-Quds rally at Zaria, Northern Nigeria, the former Nigerian President sent an Israeli-sponsored death squad to target the peaceful procession & killed 34 young Nigerians that included three (3) biological sons of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. It was during that moment of trial that the world saw the peaceful nature of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, he asked his teeming supporters not to protest the killings of his sons & their companions, he demanded justice from the Nigerian government to investigate the massacre & punish the culprits.

When the writer pointed to “anti-Semitic sermons”  the footprint of the murderous Israeli regime becomes more evident. Whoever condemned the unjust Israeli genocide of oppressed Palestinians, the Israeli regime & its hirelings accused such person of anti-Semitism. What these murderous Zionists want to establish is that the world should accept their land theft, slaughtering of women & children, daily inhuman treatment & humiliation of Palestinians in their ancestral land & global Israeli terrorism.

As for the mentioned of the presence of Hezbollah in Nigeria, that is an Israeli creation & to convince African leaders of this, Israeli organized false flag operations to accuse Hezbollah of terrorism. Hezbollah is a resistance organization that was formed in 1982 due to the murderous Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Hezbollah launched daring operations, killing many Israeli soldiers & injuring thousands of them & forcing the Israeli regime to withdraw from Lebanon in 2000. Again in 2006 the Israeli regime launched an air, land & sea attack on Lebanon, the Hezbollah freedom fighters stood firm & defeated the filthy invaders. In that war Hezbollah destroyed the myth of invincibility that surrounds the Israeli regime & for the first time in the history of this terrorist regime it suffered its first military defeat. To quote the British MP George Gallowy who said:”Hezbollah is the only Arab force to defeat Israel in battle”. Today it is Hezbollah that is protecting Lebanon from ISIS & AlQaeda, without Hezbollah in Lebanon today the million of Lebanese Christians would have been either slaughted or driven out of their ancestral homes.

Belonging to the same Islamic school of thought with Hezbollah does not mean that the IMN will transform to an armed group. There are conditions that necessitate armed-resistance in a country & those conditions that included the total break down of law & order is totally absent in Nigeria. Nigeria is a nation where the instruments of government are strong & active, & the government is doing all things humanly possible to protect Nigerians & the Nigerian nation. Therefore, the claims by this writer that Iran is supplying arms to Shias in Nigerian can only be found in the imagination of this Zionist hireling who obviously does not mean well for Nigeria.

The Israeli regime is repeating the same pattern it unfolded when the former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan assumed power. Then, it sponsored some fraudulent ” analyst” to write trash like what this writer just did, then it’s locals hirelings In Nigeria published those thrash in their newspapers & news magazines. After these soft war then the Israeli regime launched false flag operation in Nigeria accusing Iran then Hezbollah. Then the Jonathan government launched the inhuman massacre against the members of IMN.

In conclusion, our advise to African leaders is that they should be wary of the poisonous Israeli regime & not to allow this regime interfere with their internal affairs. The world knows that Israelis are greedy & selfish gang of children killers who do not care for the interest of the larger humanity but only cared for their selfish interests that in most cases injurious to the largest section of humanity. The Nigerian government must not embrace this murderous regime that arrogated to itself the right to steal the land of a whole nation, kill its inhabitants & placed the remaining in refugee camps called “Gaza” & ” West Bank”.

Harun Elbinawi

On Twitter @Elbinawi


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