Perfect women in history


First couple in history are known
Mankind descended from them is known
Some men attained perfection
Their numbers were few
History is awash with their imprint

But only four women attained perfection
They were flawless without stain
They illuminated the world with their deeds
The world was inspired due to their excellence
What they produced changed the course of history

The Pharaoh was the symbol of oppression
He was cloth in tyranny and suppression
And Asiya was his wife
She was a woman that believed
But then believe equates death

She raised a Prophet of Allah
And the Prophet, she followed
It added courage to the oppressed
It was outrageous to the oppressors
They threatened, but she was firm

She lived in a great palace
Where all worldly needs have a solution
She discarded all and believed
The unjust threatened and threatened
But she was firm

And she cried to the owner of the universe
O lord! Built a house for me in Jannah
And that house was built
And Allah saved her from oppressors
Her product changed the course of history

‘The story of Maryam was made immortal by Jesus’
She was a virgin and she conceived
Who has that distinction in history?
She obeyed Allah and she was blessed
An infant testified her innocence

She was pure
And purity was her companion
She got food from Allah
And she was humble
Humility was her relation

She stayed with a Master
And she learned
He taught her the codes of guidance
And she delivered a guide
Her product changed the course of history

‘Cover me, cover me’
Said the seal of Messengers
‘Take the glad tidings, O Cousin’
The most obedient wife answered
And who is more insightful than khadijat?

‘You keep good relation with your kith and kin’
You help the poor and destitute
You serve your guest generously
You assist the deserving when calamity afflicts them’
Khadijat said to Allah’s beloved

The foundation of Islam was her wealth
She was a pillar that cannot be broken
Allah blessed the beloved with her love
The love that begets Fatima
Fatima, the lady of light

A lady that illuminated mankind
At Mubahala
Allah addressed her alone as ‘our women’
In testimony of her perfection
Making her peerless among women

For her excellence
Universally she is called az-Zahra
A part of the most beloved of Allah
If she is angry, Allah is angry
Who has that distinction in creation?

And married was she
To the only warrior in history
Islam’s greatest mind was her groom
A union of perfection
Allah testifies this in Sura Hal Ata

‘In Fatima’s garden grew two unparrareled boughs’
Hasan and Husain
The Princes of Paradise
The depots of guidance
Their sons were Imams of Muslims

Allah called her ‘al-kauthar’
The Arabs called her ‘Ummi Abiha’
Others called her ‘Siddiqah’
Some called her ‘Zakiyya’
And we called her ‘Batool’

‘She was a flower from the flowers of heaven’
She was the root of all Imams
She was an apogee of chastity
She was the greatest example of womanhood
Her products changed the course of history

Haruna el-Binawi


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